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But I don't have Skinny Legs?!

From the initial feedback upon going Live in 2017 through to the present day, we've had many many occasions over the years where we hear....... "But I don't have Skinny Legs"......

Yes, its true the founder of our company may have slightly undersized legs (Sticks) compared to your average set of Sticks, but this does not mean that the brand is solely for those with Stick Legs. The brand name hopefully gets across the light-hearted nature of our philosophy.

When challenged on the brand being only for skinny people, we like to use our 'go to' analogy........ I'm sure many of us have purchased some fantastic clothing from the Fat Face brand over the years and the majority of us, do not have a Fat Face. It's just the brand name and what you associate with that brand name.

We guess this is the challenge of being a pretty small (very small) brand, we have to build assurance in the brand, so you, the customer, do not just see the name, but you see the quality of the products and the philosophy of a brand that you can associate in with. 

Stick with us, we'll get there in the end!

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