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Where did it all begin?

A few words from our founder, Jon

In late 2015 I was sat in the office at work, watching on and clapping as colleagues from my office were receiving their '30 years of Service' award. Wow, I thought to myself, I really hoped that those 30 years of 40 hours a week, had been fulfilling and rewarding for those people, but I had a feeling they may not of been.

The panic and cold sweats (maybe through sleep deprivation, due to having 2 young kids) started to kick in…..arghhh, that can't be me in 25 years!!

Sitting in the office that afternoon in late 2015, I realised that it was now or never to try something new to avoid that person being me in 25 years time collecting my certificate and free commemorative mug for 30 years of service. I needed a plan B, something to challenge me and something I had achieved myself and would be proud of….

So the first step had been made, acceptance that something had to be done, that is the easy bit, but what?

What about being a professional cyclist?.....Nope I'm way too old and with my average speed of approximately 14mph, I'm a bit too slow for domestique duties….

What about being a professional pilot? …….Nope, way too expensive!

What about working in a cycle shop, so I can look at beautiful bikes and talk cycling all day?……….. Nope, my terrible mechanical skills and poor dexterity would thwart this idea.

What about that bizarre dream I've always had of starting my own brand of Cycle Clothing for other cyclists like me who love getting out on their bike, but don't want to take it all too seriously, but still want high quality kit that they look good in? ………No, impossible, crazy idea. An already flooded market with many many hugely successful international brands and also many successful UK brands, I'd have no chance, don't waste my money..........but, it'd be a great adventure, I've got some unique ideas in my head, what's the worst that could happen, apart from wasting quite a bit of money!?…….ah sod it, lets do it....

And so it happened. After 18 months of researching and choosing a manufacturer of premium quality cycling apparel, saving the funds to invest in our first order of kit and leaning on some very good friends to help develop a website and branding (all whilst learning how to set up and run a business), in the summer 2017, Stick Legs Cycling went Live!!! 

No great fanfare, as I said, this is a huge market and it will be a very long journey (or a fairly short if it goes really badly), but whatever happens it'll be great fun.

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