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How are you different to other brands, what is your USP?

This is a question we get asked by many people and it is a very good question, but a tricky one to answer. We don't really have a USP. We are a brand that offers high quality, stylish cycling apparel, but we don't have any snazzy USP, like pockets on the chest of our jerseys to store sugary snacks, or cadence trackers hidden in our socks. But thinking about it, more easily accessible sugary snacks could be a winner....

In terms of the kit, when we set out on the Stick Legs adventure, we were keen to work with manufacturers of high quality cycling kit. Having spoken with several manufacturers, we believe we have achieved this target by working closely with highly regarded Italian manufacturers for the majority of technical kit offered. Link these premium products with our competitive pricing for the kit and you are on to a winner.

Our philosophy, well, we want to link with those people who do not take it all too seriously and just enjoy being out riding with friends. 10 miles or 100 milers, it doesn't matter, just enjoy it and have a great time with friends (and a pub stop if feasible).

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