The sticklegs team members with their bikes

Mens Kit

Image of the SL4 productImage of the TEG-M (Grey/Orange) productImage of the SL3 productImage of the TEG-M (Red/Black) productImage of the SL1 productImage of the SL2 productImage of the B-1 Bib Shorts product

Womens Kit

Image of the SL4 - Womens productImage of the TEG-L (Blue/Pink) productImage of the TEG-L (Purple/Green) product

Team kit

Image of the SL Socks - Stripes productImage of the SL Socks - White product

The team here at StickLegs HQ are always up for a blast on their bikes and will happily drop everything to suit up, click in to those pedals and eat up some miles.

The philosophy behind StickLegs is simple, make the most of every opportunity, don't take it all too seriously and most importantly, enjoy! 

So go on, get out there and Click your Sticks!

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My husband Keith bought this Jersey at the Dartmoor Classic. The most comfortable shirt he has.

Thank You

September 2023 - Keith
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Great shirt for the Summer; it’s ultra-lightweight, great material - almost like you’ve nothing on - and looks great too especially in the blue colour. Price is also a bonus 😊

July 2022 - Hemzah A